{ "type": "page", "identifier": "page_46254207", "title": "Copy of Search support", "navtitle": "", "url": "/nl/groenkennisnet/zoekhulp-ennew.htm", "language": "nl_NL", "languages": [{ "id": 43, "value": "dutch", "locale": "nl_NL", "title": "Zoekhulp ENNew", "url": "/nl/groenkennisnet/zoekhulp-ennew.htm" }], "metadata" : {"gkn_pagemetadata": { "page_type": { "id": "content_page", "name": "Contentpagina" }, "headerimage": {"error": "no image selected"}, "startpaginalabel": {"id": ""}, "startpage_title": "", "shownavigation": false, "searchidentifier": "", "placeholderzoekbox": "", "lead": "Searching in Groen Kennisnet or in one of Groen Kennisnet's partner websites is comparable to searching via Google. One or more search terms can be entered in the search field, after which the system will search for results containing those terms. But with the help of some smart search operators you can find better results. Below you will find some tips." }} , "sections": [ { "identifier": "pagesection_18334988", "title": "GKN Configuratie", "link": "/nl/groenkennisnet/paginasectie.htm?pagesectionid=18334988&tsobjectid=18334988" }, { "identifier": "pagesection_18335139", "title": "GKN Menu", "link": "/nl/groenkennisnet/paginasectie.htm?pagesectionid=18335139&tsobjectid=18335139" }, { "identifier": "pagesection_18334944", "title": "GKN Footer logo's", "link": "/nl/groenkennisnet/paginasectie.htm?pagesectionid=18334944&tsobjectid=18334944" }, { "identifier": "pagesection_18334966", "title": "GKN Footer", "link": "/nl/groenkennisnet/paginasectie.htm?pagesectionid=18334966&tsobjectid=18334966" }, { "identifier": "pagesection_18335177", "title": "GKN Footer legal", "link": "/nl/groenkennisnet/paginasectie.htm?pagesectionid=18335177&tsobjectid=18335177" } ], "contents": [ { "area": "main", "title": "", "elements": [ { "type": "text", "html": "

Using an asterisk (*)<\/h2>

You can request all sources by typing the asterisk (*). The * can also be combined with the search terms you use: for example, searching for ‘feed*’ will offer search results that include a word that begins with the letter combination 'feed' (such as feedstock, feedback, feedstuffs, etc.).<\/p>

Combining search terms<\/h2>

There are 4 options to combine search terms in the search screen:<\/p>