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EURCAW-Pigs provides:<\/p>

  1. Examples of training plans and materials used in different Member States in English, to the extent possible.<\/li>
  2. Quality standards, advice, templates, and technical support. These are provided in English so that they can be used by all EU member states. Training and education suggestions may include, for example, calibration between inspectors, seminars, lectures on new legislation, lectures on the biological basis of legislation, and communication workshops.<\/li>
  3. Training suggestions for improvement of communication skills and ways to support inspection-driven welfare improvement.<\/li><\/ol>

    EURCAW-Pigs also supports the 'Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF)' training sessions on <\/em>Animal Welfare<\/em><\/a>. For an update on suspension of BTSF training sessions due to COVID-19, <\/em>see BTSF website<\/em><\/a>.<\/em><\/p>

    Training activities and materials<\/h2>

    Examples of materials used in different Member States.<\/p>

    If you have access to training material from your own country that can be useful for training of inspectors, please sent your example to EURCAW-Pigs. If possible in English and with a short comment on why this example can be useful in training. See an example from Sweden here:<\/p>