{ "type": "page", "identifier": "page_41208877", "title": "Questions to EURCAW: Slaughter and killing", "navtitle": "", "url": "/en/eurcaw-pigs/questions-to-eurcaw-slaughter-and-killing.htm", "language": "en_US", "languages": [{ "id": 42, "value": "english", "locale": "en_US", "title": "Questions to EURCAW: Slaughter and killing", "url": "/en/eurcaw-pigs/questions-to-eurcaw-slaughter-and-killing.htm" }], "metadata" : {"gkn_pagemetadata": { "page_type": { "id": "content_page", "name": "Contentpagina" }, "headerimage": {"error": "no image selected"}, "startpaginalabel": {"id": ""}, "startpage_title": "", "shownavigation": false, "searchidentifier": "", "placeholderzoekbox": "", "lead": "For technical and scientific advice on pig welfare, please send us an email with your question. It is also possible to comment on an answer we provided, so we can improve it further. This Q2E service is open to Competent Authorities and government policy workers of EU Member States." }} , "contents": [ { "area": "main", "title": "", "elements": [ { "type": "text", "html": "

Your question is our challenge! Send an email with your question to info.pigs@eurcaw.eu<\/a><\/p>