{ "type": "mediaitem", "identifier": "mediaitem_718619", "subtype": "wmammodularcontent_gkn_news", "title": "Second annual MS officials meeting took place in Brussels", "navtitle": "", "url": "/en/eurcaw-pigs/newsitem/second-annual-ms-officials-meeting-took-place-in-brussels.htm", "language": "en_US", "metadata" : { "id": 718619, "identifier": "mediaitem_718619", "contenttype": "wmammodularcontent_gkn_news", "contenttype_title": "contenttype_wmammodularcontent_gkn_news", "url": "/en/eurcaw-pigs/newsitem/second-annual-ms-officials-meeting-took-place-in-brussels.htm", "title": "Second annual MS officials meeting took place in Brussels", "lead": "On October 5 and 6, 2022, EURCAW-Pigs organised a second annual meeting for Competent Authorities and policy workers of EU Member States on pig welfare legislation. The programme for these meetings focus on the topics that the officials want to discuss, and there is ample opportunity to engage in dialogue with colleagues from other Member States as well as pig welfare scientists.", "leadimage": { "source": "https://api.groenkennisnet.nl/upload_mm/8/5/c/cid718619_1676104928407_Video%20tail%20biting%20-%20MS%20Officials%20meeting%202022%20%28%C2%A9EURCAW-Pigs%29.JPG", "width": 1130, "height": 701, "focuspoint-x": -1, "focuspoint-y": -1, "alternative_text": "" }, "publication_date": "2023-02-10T09:20+02:00", "lastmodified_date": "2023-02-11T10:07+02:00", "expiration_date": "", "tags": [ "Nieuws", "gkn_eurcaw", "English" ], "copyright": "", "external_id": "", "item_metadata": { "contentsubtype": "News", "theme": ["gkn_eurcaw"], "related_dossier": [], "keywords": [], "author": { "title": "EURCAW-Pigs", "url": "/en/groenkennisnet/person/editors-eurcaw-pigs.htm" }, "contactperson": { "title": "EURCAW-Pigs", "url": "/en/groenkennisnet/person/editors-eurcaw-pigs.htm" }, "video_header": "", "link_extra_image": "", "subject_abstract": "Annual meeting EURCAW-Pigs", "target_audience_abstract": "Policy workers", "region_abstract": "", "jumplinktext": "More info and sources" } }, "contents": [ { "area": "main", "title": "Main", "elements": [ { "type": "text", "html": "

The meeting took place in Brussels and was the first live EURCAW pigs meeting in a long time. In total, 29 delegates from European Member States (MS) were present, representing 21 MS in total. The meeting was also attended by one delegate from DG SANTE and six staff members from EURCAW-Pigs. The meeting started at 13:00 hours on the first day, and finished at 13:00 hours on the second day.<\/p>" } , { "identifier": "element_33236259", "type": "modularcontent", "gkzindexmanual": { "title": "", "gkz_content_id": ["1190366"] } } , { "type": "text", "html": "

Discussion topics<\/h2>

The delegates participating in this meeting informed EURCAW-Pigs before the meeting which particular topic they wanted to be addressed. The topics could be selected from a list of eight welfare topics that EURCAWPigs is focusing on in its work programme. During the meeting, four of the proposed welfare topics were discussed in detail. Delegates from four different MS were asked to introduce the topic in a short presentation at the start of the meeting on day 1, and present their welfare issues on these topics. Following these short ‘pitches’, the topics were further discussed in round tables. <\/p>

For each topic, a different EURCAW-Pigs expert was invited to listen to the concerns, questions, personal experiences, and possible solutions added by the delegates. On day 2, each expert addressed the issues raised on day 1. These 'replies' were videorecorded<\/strong> and can be looked back by clicking the links below:<\/p>