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In February 2020, EURCAW-Pigs published a review on temperature control and space allowance in relation to the welfare of pigs during transport. The review explains the science underlying these two topics in Council Regulation EC 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations. The review also offers solutions for existing problems and mentions indicators that can help to identify welfare issues during official inspections and assess compliance with EU legislation.<\/p>" } , { "identifier": "element_19823174", "type": "modularcontent", "gkzindexmanual": { "title": "", "gkz_content_id": ["994065"] } } , { "type": "text", "html": "



The selected indicators have been presented in four indicator factsheets. These include:<\/p>

Panting and pumping<\/a>: indicators of heat stress during transport.<\/p>

Huddling and shivering<\/a>: indicators of cold stress during transport.<\/p>

Dead on arrival<\/a>: indicator of thermal stress and/or high stocking density during transport.<\/p>

Fatigue<\/a>: indicator of a high stocking density during transport.<\/p>