{ "type": "mediaitem", "identifier": "mediaitem_710572", "subtype": "wmammodularcontent_gkn_dossier", "title": "Killing on farm", "navtitle": "", "url": "/en/eurcaw-pigs/dossier/killing-on-farm-dossier.htm", "language": "en_US", "metadata" : { "id": 710572, "identifier": "mediaitem_710572", "contenttype": "wmammodularcontent_gkn_dossier", "contenttype_title": "contenttype_wmammodularcontent_gkn_dossier", "url": "/en/eurcaw-pigs/dossier/killing-on-farm-dossier.htm", "title": "Killing on farm", "lead": "Pigs are emergency killed on the farm for various causes. Reasons for killing on farm are, for example, piglets that are not viable or develop severe and incurable disease that occurs or worsens later in life. In these cases, it is always a case-by-case decision and is therefore referred to as euthanasia. On the other hand, sometimes pigs have to be killed on farm for reasons of animal disease control in order to prevent the spread of infections to other animals or humans. This is a large-scale killing, so the terms depopulation or mass-killing are used here.", "leadimage": { "source": "https://api.groenkennisnet.nl/upload_mm/3/c/8/710577_fullimage_check%20for%20breathing%20%28%C2%A9fli%29.jpg", "width": 1270, "height": 845, "focuspoint-x": -1, "focuspoint-y": -1, "alternative_text": "Check for breathing (©FLI)", "photographer": "© FLI", "photographer_hyperlink": "", "photo_license": "", "photo_license_hyperlink": "", "source_info": "", "source_info_hyperlink": "", "keywords": [] }, "publication_date": "2023-01-19T14:40+02:00", "lastmodified_date": "2023-01-23T15:21+02:00", "expiration_date": "", "tags": [ "Dossier", "gkn_eurcaw", "English" ], "copyright": "", "external_id": "", "item_metadata": { "contentsubtype": "Dossier", "theme": ["gkn_eurcaw"], "keywords": [], "video_header": "", "contactperson": { "title": "EURCAW-Pigs", "url": "/en/groenkennisnet/person/editors-eurcaw-pigs.htm" }, "experts": [], "link_extra_image": "", "last_update": "" } }, "contents": [ { "area": "main", "title": "Main", "elements": [ ] }, { "area": "aboutthisdossier", "title": "About this dossier", "contentarea_template": { "id": "contenttemplate_dossier", "name": "contenttemplate_dossier"},"background": false,"contentarea_leadtext": "This dossier aims to help Competent Authorities and other stakeholders with issues related to pig welfare in slaughterhouses at the time of stunning and killing.", "elements": [ { "type": "text", "html": "

It is based on EURCAW-Pigs’ Review on euthanasia of suckling piglets on farm<\/a>. Four relevant key areas and corresponding animal welfare indicators are described to assess pig welfare in the killing process:<\/p>